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Tour Duration: 1.5 hours
Location: Island Wide Grand Cayman
Maximum Capacity: 10
Staff Average: 2
Service Guest Ratio: 5 – 1
Transfers: Ultimate Eco Tour with Bioluminescence Kayaking

This is a tour you will remember forever!

Paddle through mangrove forests to secluded bio bays. Newly Discovered Bio Bays JUST MINUTES from Seven Mile Beach!

Tours conducted by local professionals who have been kayaking in the Cayman Islands from a very early age.  

Map of Island Wide

Rack Rate $65 • Discount $6
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US $ 59
No experience necessary.

George’s Watersports offers a new night bioluminescent kayak tour in Grand Cayman. Witness the sea light up with thousands of bright white sparkles as you kayak through a secluded mangrove forest in the dark of night.

This tour takes place in a newly discovered bio bay that is just minutes drives from hotels along Seven Mile beach.

Bioluminescence is the term used to describe light that is emitted from a living organism. In this newly discovered bio bay, there are millions of single celled organisms called dinoflagellates that float in the sea, which when disturbed, emit a bright white light. This tour is just over an hour long, and operates around 2 and a half weeks out of every month. It doesn’t operate every night of the month because it follows the moon cycle, ensuring that the tour only leaves on the darkest nights of the month, making each tour a memorable experience. Bottled Water and life jackets are provided. Each tour group is kept to a small size to ensure a more enjoyable experience for every guest.

Kayaks and other equipment are all top of the line, easy to paddle kayaks ensure a comfortable and relaxing tour.

Life vest and dry bags provided

Parking and Bathroom Facilities