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Cayman Activity Guide Magazine - Fact Sheet, Cayman Islands
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Choose your accommodations based on your vacation lifestyle to be assured of a perfect Cayman Islands vacation.

Selecting the property that best suits your vacation lifestyle is the most important decision you will make in ensuring the ultimate, rewarding and memorable vacation that you deserve. We are here to help. Call us at: 345-947-5431 or email us and we will be happy to offer recommendations based on your individual preferences and budget.

cayman islands vacation lifestyle Selecting your type of accommodation and the specific area of Grand Cayman, Little Cayman or Cayman Brac is the single most important decision you will make in ensuring a perfect Cayman Islands vacation.

This is the single most important information that any Cayman Islands visitor could ever read!

Matching your vacation lifestyle to the appropriate accommodation is tantamount to realizing the utmost satisfaction and value from your vacation. Selecting the correct of three Cayman islands and most appropriate accommodations to suit your particular vacation preferences will provide the greatest satisfaction for your individual preferences, thus ensuring the most perfect vacation experience possible.

We have already screened the properties for you so every one of our recommended Cayman Islands Accommodations represent the absolute highest value. Now We’ll try to help you decide which island and type of property is right for you, to ensure the utmost value and satisfaction from your precious vacation time and dollars.

Find the category that best suits your particular interests and overall vacation lifestyle and you will be well on your way to discovering your perfect vacation accommodations. We started with diving preferences because the Cayman Islands are among the top 10 dive destinations in the world. However, the order is random and the Cayman Islands offer something for everyone, regardless of what your individual preferences, needs, budget and vacation lifestyle may be.

I. Serious Dedicated Divers:
Most seasoned divers take pictures and choose a tropical destination to capture the maximum amount of the most diverse underwater images possible. Serious dedicated divers and underwater photographers who are coming primarily for the ultimate dive experiences and most spectacular underwater images will derive the greatest satisfaction by staying at Cobalt Coast or Lighthouse Point on Grand Cayman. Bar none, these options will expose you to the widest variety of the most consistently magnificent dives in all of the Cayman Islands, if not the entire Caribbean. Even beginner divers will realize the greatest satisfaction from the relatively shallow wall tops and close proximity to walls. Besides providing much longer bottom time for taking pictures, even your safety stops will be prolonged periods of extraordinary diving and photo opportunities.

II. Fairly Serious Divers:
Diving is very important but diversity of fine dining and other attractions are also essential considerations. You want to experience an abundance of outstanding diving but you or other family members also have varying priorities, such as diverse gourmet meals, land and water activities, shopping and sightseeing. For a central location, convenient to stores, restaurants, shops and closer to the main attractions, chose any of our Seven Mile Beach resorts or condos and book a dive package with one of our recommended dive operations. You will still experience dramatic wall dives, shallow reefs, shipwrecks and outstanding shore diving, while enjoying the fine dining experiences and diversity of activities and attractions that Grand Cayman offers.

III. Serious Snorkelers:
You do not dive but snorkeling is a high priority. This leaves you with many options because there are so many wonderful snorkeling locations all around Grand Cayman. We hesitate to encourage you to make your decision based solely on what snorkeling conditions to expect at any single location because they often change; so let’s break this down a little further.

1). If you want to be close to what is usually considered to be the best snorkeling along Seven Mile Beach and a few rocks along an otherwise expansive white sand beach shoreline do not bother you, then Treasure Island Condos, George Town Villas or Grandview Condos would all be the perfect choice. Besides being in prime Seven Mile Beach snorkeling locations, they are walking distance to both George Town and many of the shops and restaurants along Seven Mile Beach. They have beautiful white sand beaches but the conditions are slightly rocky as you first enter the water – this is precisely what makes the snorkeling conditions so favorable; the reef is very close to shore and there are lots of places for fish and other marine life to inhabit. Seven Mile Beach is also in the free pickup area for all of our recommended dive operations, Stingray City tours, Submarine Adventures and an array of other recommended tours and activities that offer free pickup and drop off.

2.) If you prefer a more remote location with generally superb snorkeling nearby and prefer relaxation to a large variety of nearby activities and fine restaurants, a private home or condo in Northside may be a better option. This would also place you close to Rum Point, Botanical Park, Blow Holes and many other popular Northside and East End attractions. You will receive discount rates at all the best Northside and East End private homes and condos by booking direct through our free Cayman Islands accommodations reservation service.

IV. White Sandy Beach:
Many people simply want a beautiful spacious white sand beach with either condo amenities or the luxury of a resort. The general rule of thumb is if you want to cook most of your own meals and need a little extra space, a condo is best suited to you. If you want to be completely pampered and eat out at some of the finest restaurants in the world, a resort experience in Grand Cayman will provide exactly that.

1.) If you have decided that a condo is best suited to your vacation priorities, the next step is choosing the right location and price range. For Seven Mile Beach, we have broken the condos down into three distinct categories – each representing the absolute highest condo value, after performing our extensive Cayman condo analysis of every condominium on Seven Mile Beach.

2.) If you prefer a quiet, remote, peaceful vacation with beautiful sandy beaches and planning on spending most of your time at or near your resort or condo, use our free Cayman Islands accommodations reservation service and select one of our recommended condos at the north end of Seven Mile Beach or a private oceanfront home or condo in East End or Northside. Either of these locations will provide the ultimate tranquility, much like an island unto itself. If you also plan on participating in a few activities and diversifying your dives, then you may be better off on Seven Mile Beach; even the north end properties of Seven Mile Beach are within the free pickup zone of many of our recommended dive and activity operations.

3.) If you prefer to be close to town and experience the least traffic and doing a wide variety of activities and dining at the most highly valued restaurants possible, stay at our recommended north Seven Mile Beach condomimiums.

4). If you don’t mind a little congestion and possible construction noise, you can experience the best of both worlds at either the most luxurious and upscale or most highly affordable properties on the island. Stay in central Seven Mile Beach.

V. Resort Options:
If you have decided that a resort is best suited to your vacation priorities, the next step is establishing a budget and location. All of the resorts in our free Cayman Islands accommodations reservation service represent the absolute highest value so pick the one that best appeals to your choice of amenities, location and budget.

VI. Limited Budget:
Although the Cayman Islands are not generally recognized as a budget destination, there are options available for the well informed visitor traveling on a very tight budget.

1). Turtle Nest Inn: The lowest priced resort on the island. Although not a full resort with spa and room service, it does have somewhat of a resort feel and an extremely friendly staff. They are situated in tranquil Bodden Town, directly on the ocean beside a fresh water sea side pool. The grounds are well landscaped and away from all of the hustle and bustle of Seven Mile Beach. They have an extremely dedicated repeat clientele and it is not uncommon for them to be fully booked for up to six months in advance. If budget is your primary concern, you should contact them at your earliest possible convenience through our Hotel Search.

2). Shangri-La: Bread and Breakfast extraordinaire! For as little as $119/night you can enjoy a room in a peaceful lake side retreat and that even includes a complete breakfast. Only 3 miles from the west end of Seven Mile Beach, you are in an island unto itself, yet only a very short drive to many of the finest restaurants and attractions located in West Bay. With rates already too low to discount, Activity Guide members receive a free welcome gift. This property is also ideal for wedding parties and other groups booking far enough in advance to secure the entire property for themselves, thus turning a quaint Bread and Breakfast into an affordable private lake side mansion!

No matter what your vacation needs, preferences or budget, The Cayman Islands have something to fulfill them. Matching your vacation lifestyle to your accommodations is the single most important factor in insuring a perfect vacation; once you have done that, you are well on your way to the most rewarding and memorable vacation you have ever experienced.