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Stingray City in Grand Cayman is a place where reality exceeds even the most vivid imagination. Enter the world of Stingray City Cayman where you will be mesmerized by the antics and charm of these fascinating sea creatures.

There are actually two Stingray City sites in the Cayman Islands (one is referred to as Sandbar), and both located in the Cayman Islands tranquil North Sound. Grand Cayman Stingray City locations were inadvertently created in the mid 80’s as fishermen returning to port anchored in the calm waters of the sound to clean their catch, casting bait overboard. Southern Stingrays, who hunt by sense of smell quickly discovered these new ‘restaurants’ where they now dine primarily on handouts of squid provided by divers and snorkelers during their visits to the Cayman Islands.

Stingray City is situated in a shallow 10-15 foot sandbar in Grand Caymans north sound. Stingray City Sandbar is immediately adjacent to the main channel that passes through the barrier reef to Caymans North Wall. Caymans Southern Stingrays are bottom dwellers that feed and play in sandy bottom areas such as Stingray City so you will be interacting with these beautiful friendly animals in the comfort and safety of their own environment.

Stingray City is ideal for extended diving and snorkeling. Both Stingray City and Stingray City Sandbar are situated in relatively shallow water. Stingray City averages 12 feet in depth while Sandbar is slightly shallower with depths ranging from 3-10 feet. Collectively, they are frequented by 30-40 friendly stingrays every day who are eager to make your acquaintance and find out what you brought for them to eat.

If ever there was a true "must-do" for water enthusiasts, this is it – diving and snorkeling at Stingray City in Grand Cayman.

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Stingray City Tours
The first Stingray City tours were inadvertently conducted by Cayman fishermen during the early 1950s. Upon returning from a day of fishing, the fisherman would clean their catch in the calm shallow waters near the north sound, which would later become known as Stingray City.

Throwing their unused bait and catch cleaning overboard, Cayman’s early fisherman unknowingly sponsored a free smorgasbord of delights to the stingrays below. There are several species of stingrays in the Cayman Islands but Stingray City and Sandbar are primarily populated with Cayman’s Southern Stingray. While Stingray City and Sandbar are two entirely separate sites, they are commonly referred to collectively. Stingray City is actually a 15-20 foot dive site on the western end of Cayman’s North Sound; Sandbar is a mere 3-6 feet deep and situated near the middle of the North Sound. Divers prefer Stingray City, which its somewhat greater depth, which affords easier and more diverse photo opportunities. Sandbar is more suited to snorkelers with its typically crystal clear shallow water.

Grand Cayman Stingray City attracts divers and snorkelers from all over the world. Organized Stingray City tours from our recommended operators will ensure the absolute highest value for your Cayman Islands Stingray City adventures.

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Stingray City Snorkeling
Snorkelers will prefer Stingray City Sandbar to Stingray City the dive site because of the shallow 3-8 average ocean depths. All of our recommended Stingray City snorkel companies provide complete instruction and food to attract the Stingrays.

Stingray City Diving
When diving at Caymans Stingray City always choose a Cayman Dive or Snorkel Company who takes only small groups of less than twenty divers. Wear extra weight and sit comfortably on the bottom as you watch the show as you divemaster attracts the stingrays with fresh squid. Stingrays will quickly surround you as they perform underwater acrobatics before your eyes. Caymans Southern Stingrays will rub against you and gently caress your body with their soft sandpaper textured wings. Stingrays can be somewhat aggressive while feeding but they will not sting or bite you – in fact they don not even have teeth, unless you threaten or attack one of them, which is nearly impossible unless you have a propensity for forcibly pulling their tails or stomping on them.

Divers will want to ask their Cayman Islands dive operator to take them to Stingray City instead of Stingray City Sandbar so they will have enough depth so settle comfortably on the sandy bottom.

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Many Cayman Islands Stingray City snorkel companies take 100 or more passengers! Use Activity Guide recommended Stingray City dive and snorkel companies to assure the most personal service, best prices and safe fun tours.
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Stingray City can become quite crowded when cruise ships are in port, as many cruise ship tour operators take as many as 150 passengers on a single boat!

There are two ways to avoid the crowds:

1. Check our Cayman Islands cruse ship calendar (forum registration required) to see how many ships will be visiting Grand Cayman and pick a day with the fewest number of ships. Friday through Sunday will typically have the fewest or no cruise ships calling on Grand Cayman so those are the best days to go if your vacation itinerary permits;
2. Use our recommended Stingray City dive or snorkel operators – who all average 12 passengers or less

Fortunately for scuba divers the overwhelming majority of cruise passengers visit Stingray City Sandbar where the 3-10 foot waters are too shallow to warrant scuba diving anyway. Overnight visitors not only have the luxury of picking the best day to visit Grand Caymans Stingray City but can also dive a standard two tank profile in the morning and enjoy the show at Stingray City in the afternoon.

Stingray City Locations
Grand Caymans Stingray City can be easily located on our Dive Site Map, which will give you an indication of where your Grand Cayman Stingray tours will be conducted. One of the marvels of Stingray City Cayman is that Grand Cayman Sting Ray City (as pronounced by many visitors) is that Stingray City Grand Cayman will be the highlight of any visitor’s visit to the Cayman Islands, especially if they use our recommended Stingray City operators.

Stingray City Latest Updates
Today, Stingray City is voted the top underwater dive and snorkel site in the world by all major dive publications. Stingray City in the Cayman Islands attracts over 1 million visitors each year. There are many Stingray City dive and snorkel companies in the Cayman Islands who take between 50 and 150 passengers per trip! All of the Stingray City tours and Stingray City companies that we recommend take the fewest number of people and offer the most competitive prices and highest value.

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