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Cayman Activity Guide Magazine - Fact Sheet, Cayman Islands
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The Cayman Islands offer a dazzling array of sightseeing tours and, attractions rich in natural beauty; all among an unsurpassed cultural of warm caring people.

Cayman sightseeing tours can be purchased through third parties or you can conduct your own Cayman Islands sightseeing tours absolutely free just by taking advantage of our many Cayman site seeing tips, instructions, and maps. Select your favorite Cayman sites and strike out on your own along the Cayman Islands safe and easy landscape. Start with our Beach or Land tour and custom design your own personal Cayman Islands sightseeing trips, while saving money, avoiding the crowds and touring the Cayman Islands best sites at your own leisurely pace.

Cayman Islands Beach Sightseeing Tour

Cayman Islands Land Sightseeing Tour

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Activity Guide Recommended Sightseeing Attractions

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The Cayman Islands are rich in beauty and culture. Long dubbed "the island that time forgot", it is only since the late ’50s that advanced technology and modern development have blended with the Cayman Islands of yesteryear. Thus, much of the island’s intrinsic beauty and cultural heritage remain very much in tact, making Cayman Islands sightseeing a richly rewarding experience.

We have compiled a list of all of the Cayman Islands top sightseeing attractions so you can easily use Activity Guide as your Cayman Islands sightseeing guide, avoiding costly and typically crowded Cayman sightseeing tours. We have broken down our Cayman sightseeing tours into two categories for your convenience: Cayman Islands Beach Sightseeing Tour; and Cayman Islands Land Sightseeing Tour. Depending on your preferences and time available in the Cayman Islands, you can select and conduct the Cayman Islands sightseeing tours that best suit your vacation lifestyle.

Almost all the Cayman sites are easy to find and with each of the Cayman Islands being no more than a couple hundred square miles in size, organizing your own Grand Cayman sightseeing tours or sister island tours as easy as renting a vehicle and using our maps and sightseeing guides.

Grand Cayman sightseeing tours offer the most diverse and abundant sites and attractions, simply because of it’s size in relation to the smaller sister islands. Your Grand Cayman site seeing tours will reward you with unique scenery, adventures and beauty. In no time at all you will yield an impressive collection of Cayman sightseeing photos to cherish your Cayman Islands vacation forever.

Always begin your Cayman siteseeing tours by stopping at the supermarket and picking up plenty of water or your favorite beverage and keeping them with you and cold in an ice chest. The heat of the tropics can become intense for visitors not accustomed to Cayman’s warm and humid climate so avoiding dehydration is a primary consideration.

Cayman islands cruise site seeing is a little more difficult because most ships only allow 6-7 hours of shore time. By the time a cruise passenger rents a car, fills out the paperwork, becomes familiar with the landscape and then refuels and returns the vehicle, only a very brief period of actual Cayman sightseeing will have actually transpired. Hence we recommend that cruise passengers read our forums to select the tours that provide free pickup and offer the most personal appeal. In general, cruise passengers will save money, avoid crowds and see the best sites by avoiding anything offered by the ship.

Cayman Sightseeing Tip:
Commuter traffic is at its peak weekdays between 8-9am and 5-6pm. Plan your excursions around these periods to maximize your valuable vacation time.

Fast Facts:
☼ Grand Cayman is 22 miles long and less than 8 miles wide.

☼ Maximum elevation is about 60ft.

☼ Climate averages 85° in the summer, 75° in the winter.

☼ Average humidity ranges from 60-90%.

☼ Average annual rainfall is 40-60", most of which occurring during brief downpours from May through October.

☼ The illustrious Grand Cayman Parrot is the treasured national bird of the Cayman Islands

Cayman Sightseeing Tip:
Do not leave valuables in your vehicle while unattended. While the Cayman Islands enjoy one of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean, thefts do occur, particularly when items are left unsecured

A visit to Turtle Farm assures the ultimate one stop sightseeing tour, providing an unforgettable encounter with nature in all its beauty and diversity. One lesser known fact about Boatswain’s Beach is that their vast park includes a butterfly encounter. The butterflies are not caged but free to visit and dine on the delicacies left for them by the park attendants. Step into a tropical garden teeming with butterflies from the Cayman Islands and prepare to meet some of the worlds most colorful creatures. Observe the life cycle of these fascinating animals from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. Tour guides will entertain you with commentary on butterfly habits and the miracle of metamorphosis. Arrive early and witness new butterflies emerging from the chrysalis and taking their first flight. The Butterfly Farm is just one aspect of the many endemic facets of Cayman’s Boatswain’s Beach.