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Click here to view Activity Guide Magazine online and enter page 90 for the coupon section.
Please be aware that our layout changes every month and page 90 is an approximate page number. We usually offer at least 6 pages of coupons and you will always find the exact coupon starting page by clicking on page 3 to view our Contents page. All of these coupons will be in our magazine when you arrive. However, if you want to book something ahead of time and need proof of discount, feel free to reference the coupons in our magazine. Activity Guide is a monthly publication and all coupons are subject to change in any given month. Most of our coupons run year round but in the off chance that the coupon is not included in the issue for the month during which you are visiting, it may not be valid. Important Notice to Cruise ship passengers: We do not distribute magazines near the cruise ship dock. It is absolutely essential that you print out whatever coupons you anticipate using and bring them with you; they will be accepted exactly the same as the coupons in our magazine. You will also find many special discounts and savings specifically for cruise passengers at our forums:
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