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Rent a car to experience all of the Cayman Islands most popular and exotic attractions, restaurants, activities and much more.

No matter where you are staying in the Cayman Islands, renting a car is paramount to maximizing the pleasure and diversity of your Cayman Islands vacation. Grand Cayman in particular — with its vast and diverse cultural experiences, attractions, restaurants, beaches and scenic beauty, all make a Cayman car rental one of your most important Cayman vacation choices. And don’t let driving on the left scare you! Thousands of visitors have posted on our forums about how quickly and easily they adapted, usually within a mater of minutes.

By taking Activity Guide’s free self tours — both here and in Activity Guide when you arrive, you can see all of Cayman’s very best and most popular sights free of crowds at your own pace — all at a fraction of the cost of a guided tour.

After thoroughly inspecting all of the Cayman Island car rental companies, we selected Andy’s and Economy who agreed to provide our readers and members with very generous discounts. Because Cayman Islands car rental prices fluctuate frequently due to seasonal and availability considerations, we encourage you to always obtain at least two estimates and be sure to compare the total costs, inclusive of insurance, license, miles and any other applicable charges.

Andy’s Cayman Islands Car Rental (brief registration required for discounts)

Economy Cayman Islands Car Rental (brief registration required for discounts)

Cayman Islands Rental Car Insurance

Cayman Islands Beach Tour

Cayman Islands Land Tour

More Cayman Islands Car Rental Information, Tips and Photos

cayman car rental , cayman islands car rental , grand cayman car rentalCruising around the Cayman Islands in your own rented car is as rewarding as it is cost effective. Why spend a lot of cash to tag along with a large group of people when you could be coming and going as you wish? With all of Cayman’s secluded beaches, wilderness areas and broad range of attractions spread throughout the island, a Cayman rental car is the clear choice for maximizing your pleasure during your visit to the Cayman Islands.

Top reasons for renting a car in the Cayman Islands:

☼ Freedom!

☼ Grand Cayman is a relatively large island with its many attractions, restaurants and activities spread throughout the Cayman Islands. To limit yourself to any single area of the island is to deprive yourself of many of Cayman’s most spectacular award winning cuisine; diversity of snorkeling and diving; and abundance of attractions.

☼ Weather and sea conditions change. No matter what area of Grand Cayman you stay, on any given day the snorkeling and shore diving conditions could be intolerable in your immediate area, while being exceptional at other areas of the island.

☼ Diversity of snorkeling and diving. Besides weather considerations, all things being equal it would be a huge injustice to deprive yourself of the vast diversity of dive and snorkel sites that the Cayman Islands have to offer. A Cayman rental car will afford you the ability to frequent Cayman’s immense diversity of dive and snorkel sites.

☼ Grand Cayman is world renown for its exceptional restaurants, with many of the best being 20 or more miles apart. To come all the way to the Cayman Islands and deprive yourself of some of the very best cuisine and ambiance in the world for lack of a Cayman rental car would be doing yourself a huge disservice..

Cayman Islands Car Insurance and Credit Cards:
Many people think that their credit cards offer complete protection for damages incurred when renting a vehicle. In almost all cases, credit cards provide anywhere from zero to very minor protection. To put it bluntly, in the Cayman Islands (and any other country) most if not all credit card insurances are not worth the paper they are allegedly written on. American Express may be the lone exception and and even their rental insurance coverage contain so many loopholes and exculpatory clauses that it could also leave you completely responsible in the case of an accident or injury under many circumstances.

If you do plan to use your credit card as accident coverage for your Cayman car rental, be sure to first contact your card carrier and ask them specifically what is covered and what is not and under precisely what circumstances. Simply asking: "am I covered?" will probably return a simple "yes" answer, although the circumstances and limitations of their particular coverage will probably vary substantially.

Most credit card companies that we checked with only covered up to a specific amount and if you rent a jeep or truck or even some SUV or any vehicle that could be classified as a sports car, then you will most likely not have any coverage whatsoever.

In many cases, you will find that they only cover the deductible on your own policy, which would tend to defeat the very purpose of the coverage. Many credit card policies do not offer any protection in a foreign country. Often times, if there are any damages done to the rental vehicle, you will have to pay for them on your credit card pending their investigation, all the wile you incur all of the interest on your card and may or may not receive any reimbursement for the actual damages.

Car insurance in the Cayman Islands is less expensive than most other regions of the world. We compared the rates with that of US, the UK and Canada and found that the Cayman Islands car insurance was much lower than any of the other countries.

Our recommendation is that unless you have full written assurances from your credit card company verifying the exact extent of the coverage they offer in the Cayman Islands, that you simply spend a few extra dollars and purchase the insurance. The peace of mind alone would seem to warrant the relatively minor cost of insurance.