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Cayman Activity Guide Magazine - Fact Sheet, Cayman Islands
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Cayman Islands expansive beaches of soft white powder and glimmering seas impart a calm and tranquil allure unto all who gaze upon them.

Cayman Island beaches are as diverse as they are rich in color and texture, running the gamut not not only in color but ranging from intimate privacy and tranquility to vast playgrounds offering every conceivable water toy, cocktail, food and social diversity imaginable. From private picnics to hidden coves, we will explore even the most remote beaches of the Cayman Islands.

Sit back and relax as we embark upon a journey along the wondrous beaches of the Cayman Islands, including many beaches that few feet have ever tread upon. Whatever your Cayman beach interests may be, you are sure to find all the information and corresponding photos and slideshows here at this site and our corresponding forums.

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The white powdery white sand on most of the Cayman Islands beaches is produced by the surrounding reef ecosystem. Termed biogenic, Cayman Islands beach sands are comprised primarily of the skeletal remains of aquatic plants and animals. Its extremely fine and soft texture combined with its white reflective color makes the sand cooler and softer than that of most continental beaches, which are typically comprised of terrestrial sources such as decomposing rock.

Wave and current activity constantly pulverize the corals, calcareous algae and shells of various sea creatures into fine smooth grains, which are bleached white by the sun; calcified green algae also play an important role by contributing marine sediments. The calcified sand is deposited from natural bodily activity by many marine animals, such as sea urchin and parrotfish, which collectively produce a significant amount of Cayman’s sand. Parrotfish, with their sharp teeth and parrot like beak scrape algae from rocks and grind the coral exoskeleton as they eat the tiny polyps within. Being unable to digest the hard skeletal material, it passes through their digestive system, which is excreted as sand. A single parrot fish can produce several tons of soft white beach sand during its lifetime.

Next time you are diving or snorkeling near one of Cayman’s reefs, keep an eye out for Parrotfish; if you are not sure what they look like, you will find them on our Fish ID card in Activity Guide. You will not only be able to see them munching on the reef but if you listen carefully you will hear the sounds of their beaks as they feast on the coral. If you observe them long enough, you will eventually see the excrement leave their body and settle slowly to the bottom of the ocean.

Relax and enjoy beautiful Seven Mile Beach. True happiness comes from within and follows you wherever you go. Use your beach vacation time to develop your inner happiness and it will stay with you forever, wherever you go.

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Sea Grapes ripening on the vine along Seven Mile Beach

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