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Cayman Activity Guide Magazine - Fact Sheet, Cayman Islands
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Not surprisingly for an island, the most popular Cayman Islands attractions take place on or around the ocean. Even land based attractions such as Botanic Park incorporate a great deal of water into their landscaping. Hotels, restaurants, bars and other establishments—particularly visitor attractions—incorporate broadly varying displays of water into their designs. Landlubbers need not despair—there are ample land based attractions to wry away even a two week vacation in no time.

Without question, the most popular attraction in the Cayman Islands is Stingray City, where dozens of playful Southern Stingrays interact with millions of visitors each year. Most operators offer two to three stops, with popular second and third stop options being the northern barrier reef and Starfish Point, respectively.

The Cayman Islands provide the most diverse and spectacular attractions in the entire Caribbean. The Cayman Islands year round ideal weather and absence of agricultural runoff make the waters surrounding the Cayman Islands consistently warm and crystal clear. Land faring visitors enjoy an equally broad selection of land based attractions and excursions.

Cayman Activity Guide dedicates itself to introducing visitors to what we feel to be the Cayman Islands very best attractions. All recommended Cayman Islands attractions have undergone our extensive evaluation process to ensure that every Cayman Islands attraction that we recommend represents the absolute highest value.

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Cayman’s most diverse and popular submarine operation with three submarine adventures

Acres of endemic and regional plants, flowers, iguanas and much more, set in a scenic picturesque setting

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The only full scale independent brewery in the Caribbean.
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The brightest bio bays in Grand Cayman, just minutes from Seven Mile Beach
Explore Cayman’s hidden beauty. Complete Kayak Eco-Tour information and discounts for Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.

Black Pearl is one of the largest skating parks in the world. The ultimate Skating experience

Affordable crowd-free tour. Two stops, fast boat with every amenity

Newly renovated Grand Cayman attraction with many new attractions

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