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Cayman Activity Guide Magazine - Fact Sheet, Cayman Islands

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Cayman Activity Guide History and Marketing Penetration:
Cayman Activity Guide magazine has been the most highly read and widely circulated monthly visitor guide in the Cayman Islands since 1997. By coalescing a handy pocket sized format with all the information a visitor could possibly require, Activity Guide eliminates the need for accumulating numerous cumbersome publications – But don’t let the size fool you! There is more pertinent visitor information in Activity Guide than all the other on-island publications combined!

Activity Guide has gained the trust of its readers from our selection of only what we consider to represent the very best of the Cayman Islands in all categories across the entire spectrum of products and services available to visitors throughout the Cayman Islands. All of our clients must first undergo an extensive screening process prior to being recommended and personally endorsed by Activity Guide.

We take great pride in introducing visitors to what we believe to be the very best of the Cayman Islands and as measured by our forum reviews, over 95% of our readers enjoy an exceptional experience during their Cayman Island vacations, specifically when using our recommended establishments.

By allocating a substantial budget to online promotions, we play a significant role in persuading travelers to choose the Cayman Islands as their vacation destination and then specifically directing them to the establishments that we recommend. The overwhelming majority of our members do frequent our recommended establishments, enjoy exceptional Cayman Island vacations and make others aware of their spectacular Cayman Islands experiences. We not only produce highly effective and mesurable results for our advertising clients; by sending visitors only to what we condiser to be the very best Cayman Islands establishments, we are also benifiting the Cayman Islands tourism market as a whole. By advertising with Activity Guide, you are not only assured of gaining the highest possible return on your advertising investment, you are also helping to increase visitor growth in the Cayman Islands.

Artwork Specifications:

Full Page
Finished Size: 4(w)x11(h)"
Bleed: Add 1/8" all around
Side Margins: .45" from edge of bleed
Top/Bottom Margins: .35" from edge of bleed

Full Page Insert (no bleed)
Finished size: 3.3(w) x 10.25(h)"
Bleeds/Margins – None

Half Page Bleed
Finished Size: 4(w)x5.25(h)"
Bleed: Add 1/8" all around
Side Margins: .45" from edge of bleed
Top/Bottom Margins: .35" from edge of bleed

Half Page Insert (no bleed)
Finished size: 3.3(w) x 5(h)"
Bleeds/Margins – None

1/3 Page Coupon
Finished Size: 3.25×3.25"
Bleed: None
Margins: Recommended min. 1/8" all around

1/6 Page Coupon
Finished Size: 3.5(w)x1.25(h)"
Bleed: None
Margins: Recommended min. 1/8" all around

2-Page Spreads
Finished Size: 8(w)x11(h)"
Bleed: Add 1/8" all around
Side Margins: .45" from edge of bleed
Top/Bottom Margins: .35" from edge of bleed
Inside Margins: both sides .45" from center

Artwork Formats:
Email (preferred) – PC format .eps or .tif; Any format.jpg
Send to: [email protected]
Users with dedicated email clients click here for instant email

CD – PC format Photoshop.eps Call to arrange on-island pickup

FTP – Login information provided upon request

Email anything up to 10 mb, which should accommodate most ads. Multi-page clients can send artwork in separate email messages.

Final Artwork and Payment Deadlines:
January Issue – October 15th.
February Issue -December 15th.
March Issue – December 15th.
April Issue – February 15th.
May Issue – February 15th.
June Issue – April 15th.

July Issue – April 15th.
August Issue – June 15th.
September Issue – June 15th.
October Issue – August 15th.
November Issue – August 15th.
December Issue – October 15th.

Circulation and Distribution:
• Average Circulation:
40,000 per month.

• Local Distribution:
200+ locations, island wide.
View distribution list.xls

• Exclusive in-room guide in many major resorts and condos

• International Distribution: Unlimited – Available Online.pdf

Print Quality:

• Inside pages-70lb. coated text

• Covers-100lb. coated text

• Binding: Perfect Bound

• Pages: 118-124

• Line Screen: 200 LPI

Artwork Specifications

Artwork Deadlines

Distribution List.xls

Current Issue.pdf

Circulation and Distribution

Print Specifications