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George Town Villas Condos | Photos | Reviews | Discounts 4.5 Star Rating

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George Town Villas Condos | Photos | Reviews | Discounts
Rated: 4.5 stars out of 5 (123 ratings)

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Joe StebbinsReply with quote

Joined: 14 Feb 2005
Posts: 5867
Location: Cayman Islands

PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2008 8:16 pm    Post subject: George Town Villas Condos | Photos | Reviews | Discounts
George Town Villas condos are one of the properties on our where you will be given a generous discount for being an Activity Guide member. They are one of only 8 condos on Seven Mile Beach that I have given my personal endorsement, after a thorough evaluation of every condominium on Seven Mile Beach.

I highly recommend this condo to anyone seeking very affordable accommodations with a nice beach and excellent snorkeling. They are completely out of the congestion zone of traffic and in close proximity to many shops and restaurants.

This whole area is abundant in sandy beaches, shady trees and good snorkeling conditions.

This area is between George Town Villas and Treasure Island Condos.

Lighted tennis courts.

Nicely landscaped grounds with large ocean front pool.

Clean spacious bedrooms.

Large modern open living areas.

Modern well appointed kitchens.

Most of George Town Villas spacious balconies have a table and chairs and every condo offers spectacular ocean views.

Each villa comes with a well equipped modern kitchen, direct dial telephones, satellite television, central air conditioning and ceiling fans. Daily maid service (except Sundays) is available as well. Tennis courts, beautifully landscaped with ocean front swimming pool, barbecue and lounge chairs.

Published Rates - Your rates will be lower when you use our

All 2 bedroom

June - November 2008
Garden (w/partial oceanview) $240
Oceanview $255

December 2008
Garden (w/partial oceanview) $380
Oceanview $395

January March 2009
Garden (w/partial oceanview) $360
Oceanview $375

April 2009
Garden (w/partial oceanview) $240-$360
Oceanview $255

May 2009
Garden (w/partial oceanview) $240-$380
Oceanview $255-$395

June November 2009
Garden (w/partial oceanview) $380
Oceanview $395

Joe Stebbins, Editor
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jerseys47Reply with quote
Joined: 20 Oct 2010
Posts: 1
Location: England

PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2010 3:07 am    Post subject: Two employees of state enterprise Designer Handbag
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removed from special types of work to no avail

absenteeism was three years removed from plants

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Jincan meters away from the plant has the following hardware and various private environmental companies doing odd jobs, Chen Ji Zhi also done a number of private enterprises, and later became unemployed. In 1993,Discount Gucci sunglasses, Guangdong Province, began to pay social insurance premiums, Chen Ji Zhi from the monthly wages of the few out of parts of the pension and health insurance.

how the removal of special types of length of service calculation

last September, rice Jincan Huangpu Shipyard workers in the past asked him if he called organized procedures for early retirement, rice Jincan doubt that 60 years of age to retire, the other party that the state provides special types of paper for ten years length of service can retire. Subsequently, Chen Ji Zhi m Jincan and submitted together with related materials to the provincial social security bureau.
May of this year, rice Jincan,cheap handbags, Chen Ji Zhi submit May 28, the provincial Ministry of Labour based on IESS No. 104 of 1995 document recommended that On payment of social security payments in Guangdong, the two men had not in the shipyard, and meters away from the plant after Jincan over unpaid social security payments from the provincial Social Security Bureau then issued a special types of length of service 0 years 0 months. They have this connection to the provincial Office of Human Resources and Social Security to apply for administrative reconsideration and was told to maintain the original decision. They refused to accept the administrative proceedings, sued the provincial social security bureau.
IESS that province, rice Jincan, Chen Ji Zhi was left in 2008 for an early application for a one-time payment of corporate officers of provincial pension insurance procedures before leaving corporate life in special types of work can not be calculated in advance the basis for retirement, and they Huangpu Shipyard in 1988 was removed, found no evidence to prove
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The case is still pending further. More Articles:



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