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Selecting Cayman Restaurants | Discounts and Special Seating | Additional Cayman Islands Restaurant Information and Resources

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Joe StebbinsReply with quote

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 6:36 pm    Post subject: Selecting Cayman Restaurants | Discounts and Special Seating | Additional Cayman Islands Restaurant Information and Resources
This is a good topic to read for easy access to many resources for our most highly valued Cayman Islands restaurants. I accumulated several of our most frequently asked questions about Cayman Island restaurants and consolidated them into this topic for easy reference. I will try to keep this topic updated as often as possible so it always contains the most current information.

If you have not already rented a vehicle, you will receive generous discounts from Andy's and Economy for being an Activity Guide member. I always encourage every visitor to rent a vehicle to to see all of the best sites, attractions, activities and restaurants on Grand Cayman; if you are staying in one of the outer districts like East End or Northside a vehicle becomes outright critical, unless you just want to spend your entire vacation sitting on your beach; not that there's anything wrong with that but I do believe it to be a huge disservice for anyone to come to the Caribbean islands with the greatest diversity of water sports; wide variety of exclusive attractions; unparalleled activities and world class cuisine, to divorce themselves from the overwhelming majority of that owing to lack of a $30/day car rental. However, if for whatever reason you are adamant about not renting a vehicle, even for a day or two, then you can still save money and see some of the nearer attractions to you by using my friend Chris at
Holiday Taxi. Whether arriving by air or by sea, Chris will provide the lowest rates and give all Activity Guide members and readers a 10% discount.

If this all sounds a bit complicated, it's really not. We have many features here at our forums specifically designed to facilitate your vacation planning; such as our handy must do feature where you can create your own personal must do lists of everything that appeals to you while browsing through the topics and seeing the information, reviews, photos and videos. Then just print your own personal must do list prior to departure and it will act as a handy personal reference guide to save you valuable vacation time.

Note to Cruise Passengers:
Activity Guide magazine is not distributed to or near the cruise ship docks. To take advantage of our many significant savings, simply view the current issue of Activity Guide online:

and print any coupons that appeal to you. A few pennies of ink and paper will typically save you 10% on activities, taxis and most restaurants. The average party of three experiencing two activities and lunch can easily save $100 or more by simply booking everything direct and mentioning that you are an Activity Guide member. You can roughly calculate your savings by selecting your activities and then subtracting 10%.

Anyone requiring assistance or instruction pertaining to your personal must do lists will find all of the details HERE. If for any reason you are not able to locate the information you need, simply post your question in that topic and you will usually receive a reply in a matter of hours.

For a complete listing of our most highly recommended restaurants—as well as activities, attractions and virtually all of the Cayman Islands most popular and highly valued experiences, visit our Must Do List Topic

For extended reading and more information about the most highly valued Cayman Islands restaurants in all categories, see our Restaurant Guide at our main website.

You can now view the actual menus—complete with descriptions and prices at our main website
Menu Search.
All restaurant owners have access to their Activity Guide online menus so the information will be current and accurate.

Visit our Dining Information page at our main website for additional information; you may also want to visit our General Dining Information page at our main website for additional information, as well as our Dining Information for quick easy access to a directory of all of our most highly valued dining establishments, including links to their dedicated pages, where you can see even more information, photos and even make your reservations online to receive your discount and/or special seating. No credit card is required but we ask that you inform the establishment should you have a need to cancel or change your dates.

For a complete listing of all of our most highly valued restaurants, view our Restaurant Directory for a complete listing of our most highly valued restaurants; while I update that topic as often as possible, you will always find the most current restaurant listings in our magazine online:

For many of the more popular restaurants like the Wharf, Pappagallo, Lighthouse and any others that are very important to you, use our online reservation form—either in our Menu Search or at the restaurant's dedicated page within our main website. You can also make email reservations or inquires right here in their forum topics, all located in our Restaurant forum. Most of our recommended dining establishments provide you with either a discount, preferential seating or both; just for booking ahead through any of our reservation resources so they can see that you are an Activity Guide member.

Note: Always make your reservations at our Dining Page to receive all the latest specials, discounts and CAG Credits.

Whatever you decide, I hope your next Cayman Islands vacation is the best vacation you have ever experienced. If there is anything we can do to assist you in any way, just ask.

Joe Stebbins, Editor
Cayman Activity Guide Main Website | Current Issue Online | Money Saving Coupons | Frequently Asked Questions

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