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Tortuga Rum and Rum Cake Factory, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands Tortuga Rum and Rum Cakes

Cayman Islands Tortuga Rum and Tortuga Rum Cakes
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Tortuga Rums and Rum Cake Factory has become the largest duty–free and retail liquor business in the Cayman Islands, receiving virtually every award a rum can win.

Along the way, they have always maintained their friendly family oriented manner, even while offering the largest selection of international liquors, over 400 wines from around the world and beers at the very best prices. In addition to numerous duty free locations in George Town, Tortuga Liquors retail locations are conveniently located throughout Grand Cayman, easily located on our Grand Cayman maps.

Cayman Islands Tortuga Rum and Rum Cakes
Torguga Award Winning Rums and Rum Cakes

Tortuga Rum Company was founded by husband and wife team Robert and Carlene Hamaty in 1984 to provide Cayman with its own unique brand of rum. While working for the Cayman Islands national carrier Cayman Airways, Robert noticed passengers boarding Cayman Islands planes with Bermuda rums. Realizing Bermuda did not have the resources to manufacture and distill rum locally he decided the Cayman Islands should have their own unique brand of Caribbean rum. Beginning with two blended rums, Tortuga Gold and Tortuga Light, they started the first rum company in the Cayman Islands. Tortuga Rum is a combination of Jamaican Rum and Barbados Rum specially blended for the Cayman Islands so it has its own rich unique flavor, unlike any other brand of rum.

The legacy of Tortuga Rum Cakes began in Grand Cayman in 1987 when Carlene Hamaty created the first Tortuga rum cake from a secret family recipe handed down over the generations and incorporating an exclusive distillation of Tortuga's now award winning premium Gold Rum. From the very first Tortuga rum cake served in in a local Grand Cayman restaurant, the demand became so high that by 1990 a 1,700 square foot bakery was established, including hand glazing and vacuum sealing.

In 1998, a second bakery was constructed near the Turtle Farm, with all of the amenities and free samples as their main facility.

Today, a 10,000 sf. headquarters/state of the art bakery produces 5-6 thousand cakes per day. Sample their delicious cakes and see the most famous award winning rum cakes in the world being created right before your very eyes. Using the latest state of the art technology while maintaining the personal touch of hand glazing is sheer poetry in motion.

Now internationally famous; winning more awards than any rum cake in existence, their family recipe remains a guarded secret; Even requests from Gourmet Magazine were politely declined.

Tortuga offers Sharper Image shops in 3* of their retail stores. Find unique products for travel, electronics, beauty, health & wellness and much more. Tortuga stores with Sharper Images indicated by "*"

Tortuga Rum and Rum Cake Cayman Locations
Royal Watler *
Phone: 345-947-1070
Map 4/D-19

Industrial Park*
Phone: 345-949-7701
Map 4/A-9

The Greenery
Phone: 345-945-4442
Map 3/C-8

Jack & Jill Building
Phone: 345-815-7246
Map 4/I-19

The Marquee
Phone: 345-945-0588
Map 3/C-11

Governors Square
Phone: 345-946-6864
Map 3/C-4

Airport Duty Free*
Pre–Order Discount
Phone: 345-949-2258
Airport departure
Map 4/I-19
Must mention coupon when ordering and present at sale

Make this one of your very first stops, as you will save huge by purchasing your liquor and rum cakes factory direct—and even more with the use of our coupons.
Main bakery/store 5min. from airport. Map 4/A-10. 949-7701


Cayman Tortuga Rum Store Photo

Torguga Rum Cake Photos

Torguga Rum Cake Photos

cayman tortuga rum cake picture

cayman islands tortuga rum cake pictures


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Tortuga Rum and Rum Cake Factory, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands