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Northside Beaches, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
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Many of Cayman's Northside beaches tend to be more rugged and pristine than other areas of the Cayman Islands

The north side of Grand Cayman, or Cayman's Northside district, offers some of the more remote and pristine areas of Grand Cayman. Northside sightseeing, attractions, beaches, diving, snorkeling and activities are generally more laid back than other areas of Grand Cayman, with fewer people, less traffic and abundant beach access.

Grand Cayman Northside Beach and Sightseeing Attractions

Northside Beaches

Northside Diving
Northside Snorkeling

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Grand Cayman’s Northside beaches are some of the most beautiful and pristine on Grand Cayman. With only a small fraction of Cayman’s visitors frequenting Northside beaches, they are far more secluded and afford more pristine conditions than most other areas of the island. For instance, you can easily find starfish inhabiting the shallow waters near many of Northside’s isolated beaches.

Divers in particular will be amazed at the spectacular shore diving options accessible from many Northside beaches. Owing to their relatively farther proximity to the departure points of most dive companies, the reefs and walls along Cayman’s Northside are among the most magnificent in all of the Cayman Islands.

DISCLAIMER: Many Northside beaches are rocky and slippery at the entry/exit points and sea conditions can often be rough. Activity Guide only recommends shore diving from Grand Cayman Northside and East End beaches for experienced divers who are very comfortable in the water. As always, carry a floatation device to alert any passing boats to your position. While winds in Grand Cayman typically prevail out of the east, conditions sometimes change quickly and without warning.

Healthy, experienced swimmers, divers and snorkelers alike will find Grand Cayman’s Northside beaches to offer some of the most rewarding and memorable experiences anywhere in the Cayman Islands.