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Cayman Islands Grocery Store and Supermarket Shopping, Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands Shopping  

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Most grocery stores in the Cayman Islands carry the same quality and diversity of fresh fruits, meats, vegetables, organic food, deli food, seafood, poultry and other supermarket items as the US. Prices for groceries in the Cayman Islands are approximately 20% higher than the US, with all pricing in Cayman Islands dollars.

Cayman Activity Guide's pick for the best grocery store in the Cayman Islands is Foster's Food, offering the greatest number of locations and abundant selection of fresh food.

Foster's Food Fair is the recipient of the prestigious IGA 5-star rating award, the world's largest voluntary supermarket network. All three Foster's stores received the prestigious IGA "Five Star" rating.

Historically Foster's Food Fair stores have received this accreditation every year since 2000, although it missed out in 2004 when it was not assessed due to the impact of Hurricane Ivan.

You will find everything you could possibly need from a grocery store at any of the Foster's locations. Fresh produce, ANGUS steaks and an enormous selection of fresh fish - caught locally and from around the world.

You will find Foster's Food Fair to be of equal or better quality than any major supermarket in the world. They also offer a complete pharmacy, film processing, complete deli, food to go and numerous other services. You will not find a greater selection of the freshest food anywhere else in the Caribbean.

cayman shopping , cayman islands shopping Cayman Grocery Shopping Tips: Supermarkets are closed on Sundays in the Cayman Islands. However, a limited selection of common sundry items can be obtained seven days a week at most service stations.


More Cayman Islands Grocery Store Supermarket Shopping Information:

Grand Cayman Map with supermarket locations

Seven Mile Beach map with supermarket locations

West Bay map with supermarket locations

George Town map with supermarket locations

Extended Cayman Islands Grocery Shopping information and photos coming soon, check back often for the latest information about all Grand Cayman groceries and food stores.

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  Cayman Islands Grocery Shopping, Cayman Islands