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cayman arts and crafts, cayman islands arts and crafts , grand cayman arts and crafts , cayman arts & crafts , cayman islands arts & crafts , grand cayman arts & crafts

The Cayman Islands are renowned for their unique and diverse variety of local arts and crafts, created by gracious fun spirited people in a culture rich in artistic heritage. Living on a remote tropical island, virtually free from the violence and stress of big city life, inspiration to craft their relaxed and gentle lifestyles into beautiful expressions of art comes naturally to the many gifted artists making arts and crafts in the Cayman Islands.

Even the Cayman Islands most famous festivals:
Pirate's Week
are centered around the celebration of the arts and crafts culture of the people of the Cayman islands.

With hundreds of stores in the Cayman Islands that sell and exhibit arts and crafts, finding the most authentic, affordable and most highly valued arts and crafts can occupy the greater part of your vacation. To facilitate your Cayman Islands arts and crafts experience, we maintain a listing of our most highly valued sources of arts and crafts in the Cayman Islands. Cayman is so rich in meaningful arts and crafts that even with our selection of the most popular and culturally significant establishments, you should try to dedicate a full day to exploring the many richly rewarding arts and crafts of the Cayman Islands. You will find that many of the top sources of Cayman arts and crafts can be found in the gift stores of the most culturally rewarding Cayman Island attractions, such as Pedro's Castle and Botanical Park. With a little creative planning—such as using the many high tech vacation planning features available absolutely free at our forums, you can easily combine much of your sightseeing with your arts and crafts shopping to maximize your valuable Cayman Islands vacation time.

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With hundreds of Cayman arts and crafts establishments to choose from, making the choices best suited to your individual taste and budget can prove a daunting task. Cayman Activity Guide strives to arm our visitors with enough Cayman arts and crafts information to ensure that every Cayman arts and crafts experience returns the absolute highest value and gratification. Activity Guide evaluates every Cayman arts and crafts establishment on an ongoing basis to bring you the most current and reliable Cayman arts and crafts selections.

Unlike other magazines, Cayman Activity Guide does not simply include any store wanting to purchase advertising. Every single establishment we recommend must first undergo a vigorous evaluation process, in addition to maintaining favorable reviews on our forums.

Shop for your Cayman arts and crafts with confidence, knowing that every single establishment has been carefully selected for you by Activity Guide to assure your utter satisfaction.

Feedback at our forums has demonstrated that repeat visitors to the Cayman Islands have noticed a revitalized and exponentially growing interest in Cayman arts and crafts. Even dedicated tours, such as Cayman Safari introduce visitors to many culturally rewarding experiences, including Cayman arts and crafts throughout Grand Cayman, while all of the Cayman Islands: Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac offer unique and diverse arts and crafts. With so many native Caymanians returning to their roots and eager to introduce visitors to Cayman Islands arts, crafts and much more, the Cayman Islands are becoming an even more exciting Caribbean destination than ever!

Cayman Activity Guide has always expressed our unbridled enthusiasm in encouraging visitors to experience the 'real' Cayman Islands, which is to say rent a car and drive around the island and meet some of the many charming and interesting people of the Cayman Islands, while gaining an understanding into their arts, crafts, culture and heritage. With virtually no crimes of violence, there is much that the rest of the world could learn from the people of the Cayman Islands. Like the friendly surrounding sea life and gentle harmony of nature, the people of the Cayman Islands live in relative harmony, free of the angst associated with life in the big city.

Tryy to resist the temptation to spend your entire vacation eating bon bons by the pool and get out and enjoy some of the many sites, attractions, arts & crafts — and most of all —  meet the people that make the Cayman Islands one of the most sought after visitor destinations in the Caribbean, if not the world.


You will find that the overwhelming majority of Cayman arts and crafts establishments recommended by Activity Guide showcase artworks that are indigenous to the Cayman Islands and/or made from raw materials that are only available in the Cayman Islands, such as Caymanite.






Cayman Activity Guide is extremely conscious of our stewardship of the environment and marine environmental conservation in particular.

The Cayman Islands are very protective of their marine environment and the harvesting of black coral is illegal anywhere in the Cayman Islands. All arts and crafts galleries you see listed on this site, such as Mitzi's, imports their raw black coral from other countries, where it is harvested by professional deep divers at depths well below recreational dive limitations. The process of turing a piece of raw black coral into a beautifully polished piece of jewelry or any other form of art is extremely arduous, requiring dozens of hours of polishing, crafting and then even more polishing before it begins to resemble any form of art or craft. Caymanite is similar in the amount of painstaking hours required to turn what is essentially a jagged rock into a meticulously polished finely crafted piece of artwork. Mitzi is one of those truly gifted individuals who has the patience and dedication to work her miracles on both black coral and caymanite, in addition to dozens of other materials.

Pure Art features an extremely creative assortment of arts and crafts produced by many talented artists in the Cayman Islands. A showcase for local artists and crafts exhibits, Pure Arttdisplays one of the largest assortments of Caymanian arts and crafts in the Cayman Islands. Our forum members consistently rave about Pure Art naming it one of the Cayman Islands top "must see” galleries, offering the largest selection of very affordable locally crafted souvenirs, gifts and keepsakes from the Cayman Islands.

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Cayman IslandsArts and Crafts:

Boatswain's Beach Shopping
Spectacular aqua-theme gift store with super selection of gifts and souvenirs.

Camera Store
Duty-Free Cameras and Accessories

Cayman's own micro-brewery and gift shop.

Caymanite facts and where to purchase Caymanite

Conversion Table
Handy $US - $CI Money Converter

Grocery Stores
Grocery and Deli Shopping: Foster's Food Fair offers quality, freshness and selection as good as or better than most grocery stores in the US. Five locations island wide, including one of their largest stores directly across from the airport.
NOTE: Visitors staying staying in East End or Northside - Stop at the airport Fosters before going to your property and save!


Mitzi's Fine Jewelry
Meet the Legend!

Cayman Islands Museum gifts

Boatswain's Beach Shopping
Unique local arts and crafts

Real Estate
Investment Guide to the Cayman Islands

Shopping Mall Directory
Grand Cayman Shopping Malls

Starvin' Artists
Cayman Islands Paintings, Sculpture, Photography, Jewelry, Statuettes. All forms of art from Cayman's most gifted artists. Surprisingly affordable prices for such spectacular local art.

Tortuga Rum and Rum Cakes
NOTE: Forum Registration Required
Cayman's Only locally-produced Award Winning Rums and Premium Rum Cakes. Photos, Video, Reviews, Discounts

Tortuga Rum and Rum Cakes
NOTE: Links directly to Tortuga Website for Online Shopping. Enter CAG at checkout for special Activity Guide discounts.

Turtle Farm at Boatswain's Beach
Turtle and nature theme gifts and souvenirs

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Cayman Arts and Crafts Tip and Legal Considerations

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